It has approximately 15 years since I created the "So You Like George Strait" web site. During this time while creating it, I always had a vision of writing a book. Not so much just about George Strait, but about "The Ace in the Hole Band" and probably more important to me, the inner workings of the music business

I spent many years working in the industry and met everyone form the artist, rock stars, country stars, radio dj's, record executives, record sales people and artist and radio PR personality's. I've got to say,this incompises a lot of different and varied cultures, race, religion and creeds. Facinating to say the least.

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A Personal Background

Note: Good news folks! I have done a lot of writing on my music industry and Ace in the Hole book. I actually have 34 pages and I did half of that in a week. I am thinking I need about 200 more pages. So I know it can be done in 2 months time if I worked on it everyday. I am shooting for This coming spring. I have a publisher and the cover is done, so as soon as they read and edit it, it will be out there for sale. Not at the book store. It will be online. I will make it available in book form and electronic form.

Growing up in the 60's 70's, I knew nothing about country music. For the most part I hated it. My friends and I were hard core rock n rollers.

I was raised in the music business although I have no instrumental talents myself. It all started with my grandfather Pappy Daily who was a legend in his own time and one of the best ears in country music. Pappy hailed from Houston Texas, started in the 1930's in the jukebox business. It wasn't long before he started selling records. His real fame came when he started a music publishing business called Glad Music Inc. Then it was off to Nashville to record country greats such as George Jones and Johnny Cash.

After returning to Houston he opened a record distributorship called H. W. Daily Inc. The business opened in 1933 and was sold in 1988. He turned the business over to his 2 sons Don and Bud Daily sometime in the 60's. So most of my life I have been around country music, but never paid any attention to it.


Be sure you send me an email if you are interested in a copy of my book. I do not know how many I will have printed and if there will be a 2nd printing. We will have to wait and see. my email is

Beginning With My Brother Mike Daily

My brother Mike Daily was obviously the musically talented of the family. He started playing Acoustic Guitar at about 8 or 9 years old. He played in the local garage bands that were so prevalent at the time. At the time that the Allman Brothers and the Grateful Dead came along, he started picking up on the sound of the slide and steel guitar. He got his first steel right before he went off to Southwest Texas University. I believe it was a Maverick make. He would pick to the records in his room at night. Then he was off to college.

Southwest Texas State University is where Mike met the other band members that became the "Ace in the Hole Band". It included now still a member of the "Ace in the Hole Band", Terry Hale (bass). It also included Tommy Foote (on drums), now George Straits road manager and the now deceased Ron Cable (lead guitar). The lead singer was an Hispanic fellow. I can't recall his name. The band was called "Stoneyridge". They played at a 4th of July event my father held at our ranch in Wimberley for a couple of years. The lead singer was eventually offered an recording opportunity with someone with RCA Records and left the band. He was never heard from again. When it was over the band stayed together. Next something would happen that would change the band and country music forever.

Enter George Strait

With the lead singer gone, the band decided to put up a notice on a bulletin board at the college. I believe George was the first to answer the ad. He was a medium built young man that had the cowboy look. George was a amateur singer that could play the guitar. He had been stationed in Hawaii in the service and had sang in a country band there. He enjoyed singing so much he figured there was nothing to lose by auditioning for the group.
George was born on Goodwin Street in Pleasanton, Texas. His family then moved to a ranch in Pearsal, Ttexas a year later acre ranch there were George worked while attending school. Anyway George auditioned and the rest is history. I believe he is the only one they auditioned.

I am trying to remember the first time I met George Strait. The problem is that I can't remember, because it didn't mean anything at the time. It may come to me someday, but for now I would have to say it was at either the Memorial Park fund raiser or at the Getaway in San Marcos. A friend of mine and I drive up to San Marcos one Saturday night to the Getaway. It was a small club with about 50 people capacity. There must have been about 20 people there that night. And then I heard over the PA system, "Ladies and Gentlemen, the Ace in the Hole Band". They started playing and I got my first real taste of Honky-Tonk country swing music. Not to say that I really enjoyed it a t the time, but with my brother in the band it was quite exciting.

Looking back at the old pictures it's funny to see how the band and Georges looks have changed. In the early days George was very lanky and his hair was medium long. Mike had long hair and never wore a hat. Terry has not changed much other than he is much thinner these days. And Tommy looks still the same.

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